Applications in Mass Spectrometry

Mass spectrometry can be used in different applications of biology, chemistry, physics and clinical medicine space exploration. It is used to determine the molecular weight of compounds by separating molecular ions based on their mass and charge. Various types of mass spectrometry being increasingly utilized as tools in the clinical laboratory, but also in different research settings.


Mass Spectrometry applications are plenty and a growing more presence in laboratory medicine and are being used in an increasing number of clinical laboratories around the world. As a result, significant improvements in assay performance are occurring rapidly in areas such as toxicology, proteomics, endocrinology, biochemical markers, pharmaceutical industry, Chromatography, Clinical drug development, forensic analysis, petroleum, Space Science, astrobiology, atmospheric chemistry, food analysis, industry and environmental analysis.

Techniques and Some Applications:

Isotope dating and tracing

Measuring gasses in solution

Trace gas analysis

Atom probe


Protein characterization

Space exploration

Respired gas monitor

Preparative mass spectrometry