Mass Spectrometry Instrumentation

Mass spectrometers are the instrument that produces ions and separate them according to their mass to charge ratios (m/z). This can be achieved by changing the other magnetic or any electric field at the magnetic field or both.

Components of Mass Spectrometer

Inlet System introduces a very small amount of sample into the mass spectrometer

Ion Sources basically know as ionizing agents  

Mass Analyzers are the agents are obtained by applying the magnetic field in the direction perpendicular to the direction of motion of ions. Some of the analyzers includes Gas phase Electron Impact (EI), High potential electrode Desorption Field Desorption (FD), Reagent gaseous ions Field Ionization (FI), Energetic electrons Chemical Ionization (CI) High potential electrode Matrix Assisted Laser Desorption Ionization (MALDI) Laser beam Fast Atom Bombardment (FAB).

Detectors these are used to compare the velocity of light ions and the heavier ions and by changing either the accelerating voltage or the magnetic field the radius of the ion path can be changed.

Vacuum system are the turbomolecular pumps which are used in many mass spectrometers for operating the high vacuums.

Some of Analyzers:

Double Focusing Spectrometer

Quadrapole Mass Analyzer

Time of flight Mass Analyzer

Ion trap Analyzers

BEqQ Hybrid Mass Spectrometer

Q-TOF Hybrid Mass Spectrometer